Comparison chart

This comparison chart shows how much scripting is required for a systems administrator to perform a typical operation, implemented with FastTrack, VBScript and PowerShell.

When constructing scripts with VBScript or PowerShell, it is a complex process to create scripts and because they are counterparts of real programming languages. It is therefore rarely the case that scripts are constructed completely from scratch without copy/pasting previous work or publicly available material. Often third party tools are also included in the scripts, losing control over whether or not it actually does what it's supposed to. FastTrack does not use any third party tools and has full error control on any operation.

Creating rich graphical user interfaces is not possible with VBScript or PowerShell. It is possible to create primitive forms with PowerShell, but not graphical user interfaces. Information on simple forms with PowerShell can be viewed in this Microsoft TechNet article.

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Script Construction - Common Task Examples
Requires one script line Requires complex scripting
Requires multiple script lines Not possible natively

CRUD = Create, Read, Update and Delete

  FastTrack VBScript PowerShell
CRUD registry keys and values
CRUD 32-bit registry keys and values on 64-bit machines
CRUD Active Directory users, computers, groups and OUs
Query nested memberships of Active Directory groups
Move Active Directory users, computers, groups and OUs
CRUD local users and groups
Query local group memberships including nested Active Directory groups
Visual synchronization of files and folders
Graphical menus
Splash screens
Graphical query for user input
Embed internet and intranet pages
CRUD permissions on files, directories and registry
CRUD shares and share permissions
CRUD XML files
CRUD files and directories
Connect shares and printers
Query system information
Query and control services
Query and control running processes
Set user settings based on installed programs
Query or set proxy settings real-time
Interval based execution
Associate and unassociate file extensions
Log events
Send mail natively
Zip and Unzip natively
Perform http requests
CRUD shortcuts
Conditional execution on Remote Desktop Services or citrix
Conditional execution based on operating system
Conditional execution based on computer type

Script Editing
Included out-of-the-box Not natively supported

  FastTrack VBScript PowerShell
Script debugging
Single seat script encryption
Seamless mass-deployment script encryption
Syntax highlighting
Code completion
Drag and drop scripting
Prevent saving invalid scripts
Real-time context help
Outlook Signature Generation

Outlook Signatures

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Graphical Logon Scripts EXE to MSI

Graphical Logon Scripts

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Cloud Management

Push MSI files, Outlook signatures and scripts. More
Laptop Backups

Inventory in the Cloud

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