Logon script FAQ

This FAQ section includes answers to most frequently asked questions when using FastTrack Logon for logon scripts.

Logon script FAQ

Q: My Logon Script didn't execute

A: If the script does not execute, there can be numerous reasons. FastTrack Logon works exactly the same as all other logon scripts like bat files or vbs scripts. If FastTrack Logon does not execute, a bat file or a vbs script will not execute either. You locate the script or executable on the domain controller and assign a logon script to users. If you are not sure how logon scripts are assign and replicated, take a look at this technet article.

Q: The explorer started before prelogon.fsh has finished

A: This happens when the policy "Run logon script synchronously" is actively set to false. You can solve this issue by setting the group policy "Run logon script synchronously" under "User Configuration->Policies->Administrative Templates->System->Scripts" to "Enabled".

On Windows XP, this behavior can also happen the first time a user logs on to a client, because logon scripts run asynchronously by default on Windows XP. FastTrack Logon will overrule this, but the first logon may finish executing before this setting can be changed for the executing user. Setting the policy above will also fix this issue.

Q: My anti-virus program blocks my logon script

A: If your anti-virus policy blocks exe files from your domain controllers, it is strongly recommended that you disable this policy. If this is not possible for political reasons, there is a workaround although it is not a recommended solution. You can rename FTLogon.exe and FSH.exe to FTLogon.cmd and FSH.cmd and change the EngineExe parameter in FTLogon.ini to FSH.cmd. This will work, but must be last resort if you have no other options. Remember that the users' Logon Script must now point to FTLogon.cmd instead of FTLogon.exe.

Q: How do I set different logon scripts for different users?

A: Most prefer to have a single logon script and then use conditions to control variations. If multiple logon scripts are required, you can copy FTLogon.exe and FTLogon.ini to another name. The configuration used is the one with the same name as the exe, but with an .ini extension. To get another script executed, either copy the whole fshbin folder to another name and change "ServerDir" to this location - or copy prelogon.fsh and postlogon.fsh to other names in the existing folder and change the "PreLogonScript" and "PostLogonScript" to the new names.

Q: How would I know where the repository folder is located on the client, if I have multiple logon scripts?

A: The FastTrackPath function will return the client directory used, as this is the same as the location of the currently executing FSH.Exe.

Rating: 5 out of 5

"Use this as a replacement for VBScript and PowerShell"

"It's easy to include attractive GUI elements in FastTrack scripts, beyond the basic dialog boxes and text input that VBScript offers ... Another powerful feature is the ability to distribute scripts as Windows Installer (.msi) or standard .exe files. Although interesting in its own right, this ability results in a much more intriguing capability: to repackage -- or wrap -- software installers as .msi files without using snapshots. If you've ever created an .msi installer file from before-and-after system snapshots, for use with a software distribution system such as Group Policy or SCCM, then you know how hit-and-miss the results can be."

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Rating: 8 out of 10

"Faster than the rest"

"We found the FastTrack syntax to be more transparent and easier to learn than Microsoft's PowerShell – the editor in particular provided good support in this regard. the Script Editor offers a large number of options from the command set through to simple output of graphical elements, which cannot be achieved at all with PowerShell or other solutions or only with a significantly greater level of effort."

"Anyone wanting to tackle the many hurdles in everyday admin and especially anyone for whom logon scripts and client automation is a priority will benefit from the variety of functions offered by FastTrack."

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