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All videos presented here are also available on the pages that relate to each topic. For example the SyncDir video is also available from the SyncDir page.

If you have not run the demo script that ships with the FastTrack Automation Studio installation, you can watch a recording of it here.

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Essential videos

FastTrack Automation Studio Essentials

The Home Screen in action


Logon Script Wixard

Script Editor in action

Outlook Signatures through logon script

Other videos

Introduction to Automation Studio videos

Downloading and installing Automation Studio

Using Automation Studio for the first time

Creating your first script

Setting up logon scripts

Connecting shares based on groups or location

Using SyncDir to back up local documents

Capture inventory using SkyBox

Add custom information to SkyBox

Capture inventory w/o SkyBox

How to install an MSI package

Creating MSI packages

Building a Help Desk Application

Building a Thin PC

Using Graphical User Interfaces

Changing the user name in Office

Deleting obsolete user and computer accounts

Notifying users of expired passwords

Setting laptop owner in AD in a logon script

Deploying MalwareBytes unattended

Creating the MalwareBytes package

Removing illegal file types from clients


Rating: 5 out of 5

"Use this as a replacement for VBScript and PowerShell"

"It's easy to include attractive GUI elements in FastTrack scripts, beyond the basic dialog boxes and text input that VBScript offers ... Another powerful feature is the ability to distribute scripts as Windows Installer (.msi) or standard .exe files. Although interesting in its own right, this ability results in a much more intriguing capability: to repackage -- or wrap -- software installers as .msi files without using snapshots. If you've ever created an .msi installer file from before-and-after system snapshots, for use with a software distribution system such as Group Policy or SCCM, then you know how hit-and-miss the results can be."

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Rating: 8 out of 10

"Faster than the rest"

"We found the FastTrack syntax to be more transparent and easier to learn than Microsoft's PowerShell – the editor in particular provided good support in this regard. the Script Editor offers a large number of options from the command set through to simple output of graphical elements, which cannot be achieved at all with PowerShell or other solutions or only with a significantly greater level of effort."

"Anyone wanting to tackle the many hurdles in everyday admin and especially anyone for whom logon scripts and client automation is a priority will benefit from the variety of functions offered by FastTrack."

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